The Bioinformatics Core at the UC Davis Genome Center has extensive experience in helping solve a wide variety of bioinformatics problems, large and small. Whether you need hands-on assistance with a large and complex genomics project, or one-on-one consultation to solve a specific issue relating to a software tool…we can offer solutions to help you. Here are the ten different services that we currently offer:

  1. Project work
  2. Consulting
  3. Letters of support
  4. Group training
  5. Personalized training
  6. Software development
  7. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  8. The Genome Center Cloud
  9. System administration
  10. iPlant/iCommunity

Project work: We can perform your bioinformatics analysis for you.
We’ll arrange an initial consultation to understand your requirements and priorities and will then develop a plan to show you how we can complete your analysis. We are happy to install any specific software that you need and will also be able to discuss alternative software solutions that you may not be aware of.
We’ll provide regular progress reports and when the analysis is finished we’ll provide you with all output files that we have generated along with any tools, scripts, and intermediate data that we develop. Furthermore, we’ll even help you write the Methods section for any papers or grants relating to the work.

Pilot Grant funding is available on a limited basis; see here for more details.

Consulting: We’ll help you plan and troubleshoot your own analysis.
We’ll meet with you to help design experiments and discuss the most effective ways to analyse your data. If you want to carry out your own bioinformatics analysis but have some questions along the way, we’ll help troubleshoot your work as needed.

Letters of support: Let us help you secure research funding.
To assist with your grant proposals, we can write customized letters that describe the infrastructure and bioinformatics analyses that are available to support your research.

Group training: We can teach you and your colleagues how to do bioinformatics.
We offer an ever-evolving set of workshops that are taught from modern computer labs at UC Davis. These workshops include:

Personalized training: Bespoke coaching for your unique needs.
All of our group training workshops are available for teaching in much smaller numbers and can be customized to match your specific requirements.

Software Development: We build tools for your research.
With experience in bioinformatics, software development, and systems administration, we can build anything from Laboratory Information Management Systems to online collaborative research tools to simple websites.  The Bioinformatics Core focuses on using free and open source technologies, which helps to keep things flexible, and free from vendor lock-in and ongoing licensing costs.

Amazon Web Services: Helping put your bioinformatics infrastructure online.
Cloud services such as those provided by Amazon are increasingly being used by bioinformaticians around the world. Let us show you why:

  • Cloud computing lets you run virtual machines on remote servers, with various levels of support in place for bioinformatics. We can help you kickstart your lab’s use of cloud computing and help with ongoing training.
  • Use our public AWS machine image running our customized Galaxy, at no charge from us (AWS will charge you for uptime and data storage).

The Genome Center Cloud: Providing local cloud computing (in development).
If you need high memory virtual machines (up to 512 GB RAM) that currently can’t be found on AWS, we’ll run them locally, and help you with installation, connection, data transfer, and other essentials.

System administration: Supporting your lab’s computing infrastructure.
We’ll design, purchase, and set up your hardware for you. Furthermore, we’ll perform all system upgrades, install software as needed, and upgrade/replace bad hard drives or other components.

iPlant / iCommunity: Join a multi-disciplinary research community
An NSF-supported cyber infrastructure that allows interaction with data and bioinformatics tools both on the command-line and through a graphical user interface (GUI). Heavier computational needs can be accommodated by applying to use XSEDE resources.  We can help you kickstart your use of IPlant.  Please see our training site for iPlant related workshops.